Alexandre Turpault

Alexandre Turpault:
luxury textiles since 1847

Alexandre Turpault has been designing and producing bedding with the greatest respect for French traditions since 1847. The brand owes its excellent reputation to its unique savoir-faire and the use of the best natural materials. The carefully selected natural materials are processed in the company’s own workshops according to traditional craftsmanship. 

The style of Alexandre Turpault

Alexandre Turpault’s elegant French style is instantly recognisable: effortlessly elegant, sober yet sophisticated, striking the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. The bedding by Alexandre Turpault is also easy to maintain and durable.

Alexandre Turpault offers you

  • The best natural materials: Egyptian cotton sateen, linen and cotton jacquard
  • More than 170 years of expertise
  • French craftsmanship
  • Fine finishing

Turpault only works with top-quality materials

The brand’s bedding is durable, easy to maintain and has a long lifespan. One of Alexandre Turpault's strengths is its wide range of natural, beautiful, and durable materials that are pleasant to the touch. The quality of all materials is also tested before they are put on the market.