Schramm stands for German top quality

The German family business Schramm has over 90 years of experience and follows a long-term vision of quality and sustainability. Each Schramm bed is hand-made individually and customised by Schramm. The brand specialises in adjustable box springs and offers you endless design possibilities.

Schramm's well-known ‘dual-mattress’ system consists of a flexible upper mattress and a stable spring base. This combination provides optimal support and ventilation

Adjustable box spring by Schramm

At Schramm, you can choose up to 7 motors per lying surface. A unique feature! No other brands offers this degree of adjustability. Your Schramm box spring does what you want it to do, whether it's watching TV or reading, or relieving strain on the legs or spine...

Schramm box springs: endless possibilities

  • The basic box spring is 12 cm, 18 cm or 25 cm high
  • Artisan upholstery on the wooden frame
  • Upholstery: tight or with a saddle
  • All upholstery is removable
  • Large choice of headboards
  • Motorised height adjustment at shoulder and pelvic height
  • Price for box spring and mattress 180x200: from 8.921 euro (catalogue price)

Schramm pocket spring mattresses

Every bed is as good as its springs. They are the heart of the mattress. Schramm is the only brand to thermally temper the pocket springs once they have been wound. This means that, after the iron wire has been turned into a spiral, the springs are baked again in an oven at 800°C. This makes them resistant to metal fatigue and overloading.

And since each spring is sewn by hand into a cotton pocket, it can react almost independently of the spring next to it and adapt to the body.

The springs are topped with only the best, most elastic natural materials such as

  • Natural Talalay latex
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Silk

Inside the mattress, the different longitudinal spring tensions optimally support the body. You can choose from 5 hardness levels, depending on your body shape and weight. 

Thanks to the hand-crafted tacking, these cover materials are processed without glue, ensuring dimensional stability and breathability. The patented shoulder support is developed especially for side sleepers.

Adjustable box springs by Schramm

No other brand offers as much adjustability as Schramm. Your box spring does what you want it to do. Whether it's watching TV or reading, or relieving strain on the legs or spine... With Schramm you can choose up to 7 motors per lying surface, a unique feature!

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