Free delivery

A smooth service also means a carefree home delivery. After your order, you hardly need to do anything yourself. Just make sure the bedroom is cleared and someone is home when Olivier and Lievin visit you. Because once your order is in, you will get a call from Amélie. Amélie looks for the best time to deliver. Don't worry, we are flexible. 

Our professionals Olivier and Lievin will come to your home. They are stylish and discreet, with respect for the intimate character of your sleeping place. As brothers in law, they are perfectly attuned to each other and form a good team. They install properly and, if desired, take your old mattress and/or bed with them. They give useful tips and you'll get their radiant smile on top of it! 

Questions about delivery? Give us a call: 056 37 04 70.

"Our bed was delivered on time. Important, given our busy schedule. The enthusiastic delivery team were ready in 1,2,3! Top service, with a cute little sheep on top!"

"The installers acted with great respect for the goods and the interior. All actions were aimed at not causing any damage, which we appreciate very much."

"Olivier and Lievin were very polite, very friendly, very helpful and very efficient at work. In short: a dream to have such employees. You can give both of them a big congratulations. They really are a positive advertisement for your store!"