Elysium mattress by Auping declared winner!

Auping Elysium voted 'Best Sustainable Product 2022'.

Auping's circular mattress wins awards!

For the first time, the 'Sustainable Living Awards' were organized during the vtwonen&design fair. Within the category 'Best Sustainable Product 2022' there were 32 entries, one of them was Auping's Elysium mattress.
A professional jury evaluated all entries in terms of raw materials, materials, production process, working conditions, design, lifespan, logistics process, etc.

After some deliberation, the Elysium mattress emerged as the winner, a victory to be proud of!

What makes the Elysium mattress so unique?

  • Harmony-pocs-comfort layer consisting of 800 mini-veins, individually glued into textile bags
  • Niaga®-click-unclick system, pellets that allow parts or detachment with heat
  • Vent-tex comfort layer, an elastic polyester knit for optimal ventilation
  • Top layer of polyester, removable and ready to wash!

Did you know?

Did you know that the Auping Elysium mattress has a passport?

This is because the mattress has a Niaga® label and is designed for reuse.

After scanning the label, it shows the material your mattress is made of as well as how to return it for recycling.

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