Bedding collection 2021 by Mirabel Slabbinck

Discover the new bedding collection by Mirabel Slabbinck

Mirabel Slabbinck is all about stylish bedding and pure class. Each piece is made to order in the workshop in Bruges. So choosing Slabbinck means opting for a product of 100% Belgian craftsmanship. As always, you can pick the colour, stitching and ribbons of your duvet cover yourself. We are happy to help you create the right atmosphere and put together bedding that perfectly suits your room.

Slabbinck’s latest collection, named ‘Twining’, responds to the current situation and embodies the quest for solidarity during this pandemic. Mirabel Slabbinck pays tribute to the cosiness of home and the power of unconditional love between family and friends.

Discover this new collection below, which will soon be available at our shop.


A simple and timeless design that can easily be combined with other models from the Mirabel Slabbinck collection. This model distinguishes itself through the playful rhythm of the stitching, which creates a perpendicular line with a fun yet stylish detail.


The most contemporary model from this 2021 collection. For Takra, Mirabel Slabbinck sought inspiration in modern architecture. The embroidery on the flounce creates a tight interplay of lines, a nod to connectedness, the theme that takes centre stage in this 2021 collection.


Inspired by reed and the traditional webbing pattern, which is becoming increasingly popular in indoor furniture. The embroidery and interwoven fine stitching on this model require real craftsmanship. Topali adds a touch of luxury to any bedroom.


A classic model with timeless elegance. The decorative mini flounce adds a stylish finish. Lako fits effortlessly into any bedroom interior and can easily be combined with other models from this collection.

Do you have any questions about this new bedding collection by Mirabel Slabbinck? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.