The redesigned Nachtwacht

Our renovated showroom is one to dream about.

After major renovations, our renewed showroom opened on October 3.
The Nachtwacht got a completely new interior and a also the logo was given a makeover.

Oh and then there is also the launch of 'The Nachtwacht Boutique'. Plenty of reasons to celebrate.
Some clients, suppliers or partners have been introduced to the new store.
Also curious? We are happy to show you around.

Optimized shopping comfort and a touch of art deco.

For the re-design of the store we consulted Steven Bollé, retail designer and expert when it comes to creating the right flow and atmospheres.

Create A warm, home-like atmosphere that at the same time radiates an opulence without being' too much', that was the challenge. 
Mission accomplished, if we were to ask!

The result; natural materials, soft touches and especially custom made woodwork where the products play a central role. The bright interior combined with the authentic elements from the former flax shed creates a warm atmosphere. Despite the high ceilings, you get a homelike feeling as soon as you walk in.The repetitive round shapes, green marble and bold silk floral creations are a link to the art deco style in a modern twist.

The tenderest room

Klaar Kindt of UpArt, shaped the tenderest corner of our showroom, which is the room where you can discover our collection of pillows and feather quilts in full detail.

The cozy space is surrounded by room-high curtains and features a center counter with an integrated light display that allows you to not only feel but also visually observe the level of filling.

The Nachtwacht boutique

And then there is the Nachtwacht boutique, not a separate store but a cozy area that welcomes you upon entering with the finest collection of quality bedding and home textiles.

Some impressions of the opening:

Stop by and discover our magnificent shop

De Nachtwacht in Kortrijk is often labelled Belgium's most beautiful sleep shop. Discover everything we have to offer and find your ideal bed right here.