Equilli, partner of Lotto Dstny

With Equilli as their official rest partner by their side, the Lotto Dstny cycling team is fully equipped and ready to give their best.

Equilli, leaders in the field of ergonomics and personalized sleep comfort.

As the official rest partner of Team Lotto Dstny, Equilli plays an indispensable role in providing top-quality rest to the riders, enabling them to recover and deliver their best performances.

The experienced riders of the team understand the importance of high-quality sleep and are aware that it is just as crucial as proper training to achieve outstanding results.

Equilli has prepared a customized package of ergonomic mattresses and pillows for each rider, accompanying them wherever they go. This ensures they can enjoy optimal sleep comfort at all times, allowing them to fully relax and perform at their best.

With Equilli by their side, they are fully prepared for victory!

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