Julien Vermote, talented cyclist and lover of a good night's sleep.

Julien proudly presents the cycling jersey of his one-man team, featuring De Nachtwacht as one of the main sponsors!

Julien Vermote x De Nachtwacht

Julien Vermote is back after being away, and to promote his comeback, he has filmed a video here at De Nachtwacht. The cycling jersey of his "one men team"  displays the logo of De Nachtwacht, and we are incredibly proud of it. While Julien is known to many as a cyclist, we primarily know him as the brother of Nachtwachters Mathi and Vic and the son of Marijke.

Fully rested and in peak condition

At De Nachtwacht, we have been avid supporters from the very beginning, and as a sponsor, we didn't hesitate for a moment to contribute. For us, sports, healthy nutrition, and a good night's sleep are inseparable elements for a long and happy life, and Julien is well aware of this.

A good night's sleep promotes your health and enables you to be the best version of yourself, as evident from Julien's performances. Therefore, the decision to use the Nachtwacht showroom as the location for the video was not a crazy choice.

Blue the common color

  • Blue as one of the brand colors of De Nachtwacht 
  • The two shades of blue on the jersey of the one-man team, Secteur Duolar 
  • The blue and white checkered Vividus bed by Hästens

Hastens - Vividus

The Hästens Vividus bed is renowned as an absolute top-tier choice, crafted with natural materials that provide ultimate comfort and optimal support. Every small detail is meticulously hand-finished, showcasing impressive craftsmanship!

Do you also dream of experiencing the comfort of a Hästens bed, just like Julien?

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