Lexington spring collection 2021

Lexington boosts that spring feeling!

With the arrival of spring, we are all happy to see more sunlight and enjoy the outdoors once again. The veranda, the terrace, the garden or the park become our lush, green living room. Spring is the season when these outdoor spaces become a natural extension of our homes.

These seasonal living rooms deserve the same attention as your actual living room. There is something inviting and magical about the contrast between an outdoor table carefully set up with table linen, beautiful decorative cushions and cosy plaids on the one hand, and the wild and untamed green nature around it on the other.

And what is more blissful than an afternoon nap in the shade of a tree or under the blue sky with a perfectly mowed lawn as a mattress, weather permitting of course? But if you can’t enjoy any of that right now, why not bring the spring into your home? Time to switch to light-coloured cushions and plaids to create a spring feeling indoors. Dress up your bed with Lexington bedding, decorative cushions and bedspreads in striking colours and textures reminiscent of a warm breeze. The colour scheme of this collection is bright and light, and includes light blue, light grey, white, soft beige and pink.

As in the previous Lexington collection, there is once again a seersucker cover made of 100% creased cotton. The 2021 collection also includes a cotton sateen duvet cover with a flower print and bedding in different plain colours. As always, they combine perfectly with the products from the previous Lexington collections.

Stop by our shop to browse the new 2021 Lexington spring collection. We will welcome you - and spring - with open arms! Do you have any questions about this collection? Contact us!