Mirabel, supplier to the Vatican!

Mirabel secures a significant collaboration, namely with the Vatican. The Bruges art studio is authorized to print liturgical garments with the logo of the Holy Year 2025. A unique opportunity of which they are rightfully proud.

Slabbinck jubilee embroidery for the Vatican

Pioneering in religious textiles for over 120 years

In our Boutique department, Slabbinck, especially Mirabel Slabbinck, is a fixed value when it comes to high-quality bed linens with delicate embroideries and customized applications. What you might not know is that the brand 'Mirabel Slabbinck' is merely the younger sister of the art studio Mirabel in Bruges.

The latter has been in existence for 120 years and specializes in the niche of liturgical clothing. Mirabel, along with her brother Viktor, represents the fourth generation within the family business. Even after 120 years, they continue to prove themselves as a strong player in this non-traditional market. Recently, they even obtained a very important license, granted by the Vatican!

The art studio in Bruges is now authorized to print the garments with the colorful logo for the jubilee celebration - The Holy Year 2025. The design for this jubilee celebration is highly protected but was confidently handed over to this West Flemish family business to work with.

In short, a very honorable recognition and something to be proud of!

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