New: The monochrome look of Vispring | 5 elegant colors

A luxurious upgrade, where not only the box, but also the mattress, topper, and headboard are upholstered in the same color.

Elegance in simplicity

Vispring presents 5 new colors, a neutral color palette ranging from subtle beige to dark grey.

What makes these fabrics special is that they are suitable for upholstering the entire box spring combination. So, both the Divan box, the mattress, the topper, and the headboard are upholstered in the same color.

This monochrome look exudes elegance and creates an extra luxurious atmosphere in the bedroom.

About Vispring

Vispring is a luxury bed manufacturer distinguished by handcrafted, top-quality box springs, made exclusively with the finest natural materials.

These box springs offer optimal support, allowing you to enjoy a perfect night's sleep. Besides comfort, a Vispring box spring also makes a statement in your bedroom, with elegant silhouettes, opulent fabrics, and premium finishing down to the smallest detail. It's no wonder that Vispring is favored by celebrities like David Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow as a bed brand. Additionally, these beds shine in the world's best hotels.

Hotel feel at home?

With Vispring, you can create your own private luxury suite right at home! Discover our  collection of Vispring box spring combinations, elegant headboards, mattresses made from natural materials, and much more.

Make an appointment and come experience the comfort of these elegant and handmade Vispring beds.

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