Sleeping under the stars in a Hästens 2000T bed? It's possible!

Do you dream of spending a vacation in Sweden someday? Be sure to check out the Plaza Rooftop Hotel in Västerås. Enjoy ultimate comfort and relaxation after a day full of discoveries in the city.

Plaza Rooftop Hotel x Hästens

At the Plaza Rooftop Hotel in Västerås, Sweden, you've come to the right place for a unique experience filled with luxury and comfort.

Enjoy a delightful 3-course dinner while admiring the setting sun on a private terrace spanning 500 m2. Would you like a private gin tasting or a hot air balloon ride? It's all possible!

End the evening in style. A modest yet elegantly furnished plexiglass igloo awaits you on the terrace. As the cherry on top, sink into a 2000THästens boxspring and relish in optimal sleeping comfort under the stars. Sounds delightful, doesn't it?

Be sure to book a night at the Plaza Rooftop Hotel when you're seeking an unforgettable experience in a stylish and exceptionally comfortable setting.

The 2000T by Hästens - Royal sleeping comfort with an iconic look.

Only the finest natural materials, stylish finishing, a 3-spring system for optimal stability and flexibility, meticulous attention to detail... we could go on.

Hästens guarantees the best of the best when it comes to sleep comfort and is also known for its generations-long craftsmanship and... blue check patterns. In short, with Hästens, you elevate your sleep comfort and enjoyment to a higher level.

Hästens, wat dichter bij huis?

Would you like to experience the difference yourself and take a seat in a Hästens bed without having to travel to Sweden? You can! At De Nachtwacht, we have our very own Hästens floor where you can discover all the models in peace. 

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