Soon available - SNURK

* Drumroll* SNURK Amsterdam's joyful bedding will soon make its appearance in our store.

Fun for all ages!

Bedtime is a party with SNURK!

Peggy van Neer and Erik van Loo are the driving forces behind SNURK and in 2007 they saw a dream come true. What was meant to be a one time charity project has grown into a permanent value. SNURK beding has been internationally popular for years, everyone loves the imaginative designs, fresh colors and goofy photo prints. And we totally get why!

Who would not want to wake up surrounded of macarons?

Unique life-size photo prints

The cheerful designs are all unique. These are not pre-made images from the Internet but real-life photos in which every detail is correct. For example, there was once a real ballerina in front of the camera of the SNURK team!

Did you know? For this duvet Cover, co-founder Erik himself stood in front of the camera ... and that in a real space suit!

100% Organic percal cotton

You will not be disappointed with the quality of SNURK, the sets are made of 100% organic percal cotton. Percal cotton is known for its high tread count and fine weaving. This makes the fabric extra soft and smooth. The fine weaving and the combing of the yarn also ensures that the fabric is less likely to pile up. This way you will be able to enjoy your favorite set much longer!

A little sneak peek: