A made-to-measure mattress: the advantages

A made-to-measure mattress has several advantages and is completely unique, just like you. At our shop we offer the customised mattresses made by the Belgian brand Equilli. Keep reading to discover their advantages!

1. The Equilli made-to-measure mattress: developed by scientists

For Equilli, sleep is a science. Equilli and its customised mattress were created based on academic research at the Biomechanics Department of KU Leuven. Co-founder, Ing. Vincent Verhaert, PhD, discovered the importance of a personalised mattress in 2012. Equilli continues to invest in scientific research and work closely with sleep specialists, engineers, doctors and physiotherapists.

The aim of Dr Verhaert? To develop a mattress that is truly personal and that you can still adjust over time. Equilli wants to provide tailor-made solutions to offer every customer a healthy night's sleep.

2. The mattress is configured to your specific needs

Personal configuration

The Equilli made-to-measure mattress consists of three layers: the base layer, the support layer and the comfort layer.

The bottom layer - the base layer - consists of a core of high-quality pocket springs. This layer provides overall support and comes in different hardness levels, depending on your build and weight.

The layer on top of that is the heart of the mattress. This support layer contains three personalised zones: on the shoulders, waist and hips. For each of these zones, there is a module in 12 (!) different hardness levels. Based on your Personal Sleep Scan (more about this later), we will determine the required combination of hardness levels.

On top of the tailor-made mattress there is the comfort layer. Comfort means something different for everyone, that's why you need to personally choose whether you prefer a firm, soft or pressure-reducing comfort layer. Do you tend to easily get too hot? Then an extra ventilating layer is also an option.

The Personal Sleep Scan

Equilli's Personal Sleep Scan is a scientifically-based measurement of your sleep posture. The Sleep Scan, which only takes a few minutes, tells us which support you need at the level of your shoulders, waist and hips.

In our shop you will find a mattress with sensors that measures the exact deformation of the mattress when you are lying on it. You are asked to lie on the mattress for a bit on your back and side, which gives us a complete picture. Based on the results of your Personal Sleep Scan, we then calculate what your mattress should look like. We will put together your personal made-to-measure mattress in the shop so that you can immediately test it extensively.

3. Your made-to-measure mattress is adjustable

Do you still want to adjust something after a while? No problem! Together with the Equilli physiotherapists, we continue to support you even after your purchase.

Do keep in mind though that your body needs a while to adjust to your new mattress. We therefore always advise our customers to give their body a month to get used to it. The same applies to a made-to-measure mattress. It is best to try your mattress out for a month before replacing any parts. 

After a month, do you still feel some pressure on your shoulders or would you prefer the softer comfort layer? Whatever your choice, if you chose Equilli's 'Flex' package, you can make adjustments to your made-to-measure mattress up to a year after purchase completely free of charge! And after that, you can still do so against a small fee.

4. The Equilli made-to-measure mattress against back pain

At night, your back is given time to recover from the strain of the day. The right support is crucial. While you are resting, your intervertebral discs absorb moisture. For optimal moisture absorption it is important that your head, neck and spine lie nicely in a horizontal line if you sleep on your side, and follow the natural curvature of your spine if you sleep on your back. The made-to-measure mattress provides correct support, thus preventing back problems.

Curious about our customers’ experiences? Read Dirk's experience here. He sleeps on an Equilli made-to-measure mattress and it has helped him tremendously!

Do you have any more questions about the Equilli made-to-measure mattress? Contact us! One of our experts will be happy to help.