Cleaning your box spring? This is how it is done!

Sleep in a clean and fresh bed, who doesn't want that! With these cleaning tips, you will always enjoy a clean, healthy sleeping environment and extend the life of your box spring. In short, a win-win!


Even before you need to start cleaning, it is important to properly ventilate your boxspring. During the night we transpire and that fluid needs to be removed. Leaving your bedspread open every morning and shortly opening the windows in your bedroom, is allready 50% of the work!


When you are vacuuming your bedroom, include your box spring. Vacuuming your boxspring or boxspring combination once a week ensures that dust mites are less likely to settle. Use an attachment with soft bristles to avoid snags in the fabric.

Tip: In the meantime, take the opportunity to change your bedding so that unpleasant odors and bacteria stand no chance.

Slightly wet towel

After vacuuming, you can also go over the box spring with a slightly damp tea towel.  Always rub in the direction of the hairs. If you have a leather box spring, you do not have to take the direction into account.

In both cases, we strongly discourage the use of soap or detergents to prevent damage and/or discoloration.

Preventive protection

Would you like to preventively protect your box spring against stains? Then we recommend the Protexx protection spray, available for both leather and fabric finishes and up to 5 years of effective protection against stains!

You can also use a molton or mattress protector, these are easy to unzip and simply fit in the washing machine. Washing at high temperatures? Sure you can! Some can even be washed up to 90 degrees which removes dust mites and their possible eggs in no time. Ideal for people who are sensitive to allergies.

Our all-time favorite? The Morpheus from Brinkhaus!

Bye bye dirt, body salts and human skin chips!

Hello fresh and healthy nights!

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