When should I replace my duvet?

A good-quality down duvet lasts a long time, of course provided that it is well looked after. But how do you know when your duvet needs replacing? Below we have listed the signs indicating that your duvet is worn out and it is time to replace it.

When is your duvet due for replacement?

It is important to know that the lifespan of your duvet depends very much on its quality. A duvet of inferior quality will need to be replaced after a few years, while a good-quality duvet lasts on average 10 years.

1. The filling of the duvet has decreased considerably

Have you noticed that your down duvet has much less volume than when you first started using it? The filling of a down duvet gradually decreases; unfortunately this cannot be avoided. When you see that almost all the volume has disappeared, it is time to replace your duvet. However, some duvets can be refilled. Contact us if you are unsure whether this is the case with your duvet.

Tip: in order to enjoy a well-filled, voluminous down duvet for as long as possible, it is best to regularly switch the head and foot sides.

2. Feathers come out of the duvet

Do feathers regularly come out of your down duvet? Some duvets are made of a mixture of down and feathers. The stems of the feathers puncture the ticking of your duvet, creating small holes. If you have a duvet with low-quality ticking this will happen more quickly than with a high-quality one. This too can be a sign that your duvet needs to be replaced.

3. Yellow stains on the duvet

We all sweat at night, some more than others. With time, this perspiration creates yellow stains on your duvet. Not a pretty sight of course, but it’s also unhygienic. You can never get rid of those yellow stains completely. So, if you have several stubborn yellow stains on your duvet which will not go away when you clean it, the time has come to treat yourself to a new duvet.

Tip: do you need to store your duvet for a longer period of time, for example when switching from a winter to a summer duvet? Then always use the bag the duvet came with when you bought it. Never store your duvet in a plastic bag, as the moisture cannot escape from it. Also make sure that the down is completely dry before you put it in the bag, so do not put it in immediately after a night’s sleep.

4. You often feel cold when sleeping

Do you feel too cold more often than when you first got your down duvet? Just like the filling, the down’s insulating power gradually decreases. You may therefore find that you are colder under your duvet than you used to be.

Do you still have questions or doubts about your duvet? Or maybe you’re looking for a new duvet? Contact us! Our team at De Nachtwacht will be happy to help you!