Which bed size do I need?

Looking for a new bed, but not sure which size of bed or mattress you need? Are you looking for a single bed, a queen bed or a double bed? Below we made an overview of the most common bed and mattress sizes available in our shop:

Which bed size should I choose?

Single bed

  • 70x200 cm, 70x210 cm, 70x220 cm
  • 80x200 cm, 80x210 cm, 80x220 cm
  • 90x200 cm, 90x210 cm, 90x220 cm
  • 100x200 cm, 100x210 cm, 100x220 cm

A single bed is ideal for the children's room, a teenager's room or student room. A 90-cm wide bed is perfect for one person. Beds with a width of 70 cm or 80 cm wide are also an option, but we do not recommend them because they are too narrow.  


Queen bed

  • 120x200 cm, 120x210 cm, 120x220 cm
  • 140x200 cm, 140x210 cm, 140x220 cm

A queen bed with a width of 120 cm or 140 cm is perfect if you have some extra space in your nursery or teenager's room. The ideal solution if you have children who regularly invite friends for sleepovers. A queen bed also looks great in the guest room.

A bed with a width of 120 cm or 140 cm is more than enough for one person, but for two people, a queen can feel less comfortable.

Photo: Auping Auronde bed 90x200 cm

Double bed

  • 160x200 cm, 160x210 cm, 160x220 cm
  • 180x200 cm, 180x210 cm, 180x220 cm
  • 200x200 cm, 200x210 cm, 200x220 cm

180x200 cm is a standard-sized bed and therefore also the most common size for box springs and slatted bases. Besides a bed of 180x200 cm, a bed of 160x200 cm is also very common, especially in relatively small bedrooms to ensure there is still enough space to easily walk around the bed.

Beds with a width of 200 cm are becoming increasingly popular. And did you know that in Scandinavia it is common to choose a bed of 210 cm instead of 200 cm?

Do you often move around in your sleep and do you have enough space in the room? Then it's better to choose a bed and mattress of 180x200 cm or even 200x200 cm, so that your partner's sleep is not disturbed and you both have enough space! If you want to go for that generous feeling, you can also opt for a bed of 240 cm, just like in luxury hotels.

Tip: keep in mind that a rectangular bed looks better than a square bed. That’s why, a bed with a width of 200 cm is now often sold with a length of 210 cm or 220 cm.

Which bed length should I choose?

To calculate the right length of your bed, add 20 cm to your height.

If you are 1.80 m tall or less, then the standard length of 200 cm is good for you. If you are taller than 1.80 m, it is better to go for a bed with a length of 210 cm (many of our brands do not charge extra for this).

Are you taller than 1.95 m? Then a bed with a length of 220 cm is no superfluous luxury. Of course you don't want your feet to stick out of the bed... Do you have a spacious bedroom and can you easily put in a bed and mattress with a width of 220 cm? Then such a large bed is of course a lovely treat!

At De Nachtwacht, you can order all standard bed and mattress sizes, but of course we also offer a lot of made-to-measure slatted bases, box springs and mattresses. Haven't found the right size yet? Contact us or stop by our shop. Our experts will be happy to help!