Bed styling

Sleep in style, with our advice

At De Nachtwacht we do everything we can to ensure you get the best sleep, because that's the only way you will be well-rested and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Also take a closer look at the atmosphere in the room where you sleep. It is important to create the right atmosphere in your bedroom to ensure it is a place where you can totally unwind. Together with you, we will create harmony in your sleeping environment.

This peaceful atmosphere is determined by various factors: do you opt for cotton bedding or are you more into linen sheets? Which colours do you use in your bedroom and should this style also be extended to the adjoining bathroom?

Maybe there is a saying that always calms you down and that you would like to see on your bedding?

These are just a few of the questions we ask for your bed styling. Curious to find out more? Have a look at our creations

How do we proceed?

1.Visit us

We offer a very extensive range of bedding. Mirabel SlabbinckVerilin, LysdrapLexington and Mikmax are just a few of the top brands you can admire and touch at De Nachtwacht. During our first introductory chat we will show you the various possibilities and we will gauge your sleep preferences and expectations.

Tip: Feel free to bring a photo of your bedroom along, a piece of wallpaper or a sample of your floor covering when you come to De Nachtwacht. That makes it a little easier for us to know what you like.

2.We visit you at home

One of our bed stylists will then be happy to visit you. She will bring along a set of samples and together with you she will look at what suits your interior best. Do you feel the proposed style doesn’t match the painting hanging in your bedroom? Can we use the same colours in your bathroom? Don’t worry, we will make sure you are happy with the overall look and feel.

3.We give you suggestions, you choose

We then do our homework and carefully draw up a custom proposal with fair prices. Once you have our clear and transparent price offer in hand, you can make the right choice.

4.We take care of everything 

Finally, we follow up your order for you. We take care of the right customisation and, upon request, we can come and install everything as it should be at your home. We will show you different styles and lay-outs, and give you a wide range of tips that you can then use yourself to create the right atmosphere in your bedroom. 

Plan your home bed styling

Do you also dream of a cohesive bedroom look, or do you like bringing that B&B feeling to your home?

Avoiding "waitmares"?