Vispring, luxurious hand-made box springs

Vispring (pronounced "vaispring") is no ordinary bed manufacturer. Vispring is consistently opposed to the mass production of identical beds. Every Vispring bed is made to order and by hand, using only the best natural materials. Each bed is made to measure and therefore unique, and guarantees the owner a perfect night's sleep, year after year after year.

Vispring has become a symbol of top quality. That is why you will find these beds in the best hotels all over the globe, but also in thousands of bedrooms both in Europe and the rest of the world.

Some of the many celebrities who sleep or slept on a Vispring bed? Gwyneth Paltrow, Sting, George Michael, Brian Adams, Ronnie Wood, José Mourinho, David Beckham, Elle Macpherson, Princess Diana, ...

Why choose the Vispring box springs?

  • Absolute top quality (since 1901)
  • Hand-made with only the best natural materials
  • In-house production of pocket springs in cotton pockets
  • Amazing climate control and very long lifespan
  • Create the look of your bed entirely according to your wishes
  • Price for box spring and mattress 180x200 : starting from 6,410 euro (catalogue price)

Avoiding "waitmares"?

The history of Vispring

In 1901 Vispring was the very first bed manufacturer to produce mattresses with so-called pocket springs.

This innovative system with individually packaged springs brought about a real revolution and is, to this day, the most efficient way to guarantee a good night's sleep that can truly change your life.

Vispring opts for pure nature

Experience and research have taught Vispring that a bed can only breathe and last extra long if it is made of natural materials. Synthetic materials are therefore out of the question.

Each mattress is carefully filled with the best breathable materials such as pure lambswool, cotton, horsetail hair, cashmere and silk. The only material in a Vispring bed that is not supplied by Mother Nature are the springs themselves.

Keen on an individual style and design?

The entire Vispring collection is characterised by an unlimited choice in comfort and design characterises, partly thanks to an extensive range of styles and fabrics. A Vispring is always made-to-measure and can therefore be perfectly tailored to every sleeping space and every wish.

Vispring guarantee

Vispring is committed to offering you an absolute quality guarantee: no matter how long you have your bed, we will repair or replace it in case of manufacturing defects.

And if once you have bought a Vispring bed and tried it for a minimum of 30 days (max. 90 days after delivery), you decide that the degree of hardness is not perfect for you, we will replace your Vispring mattress free of charge at De Nachtwacht.

Vispring prices vary and depend on your wishes. Don’t hesitate to visit our showroom or contact us.

Tailored advice

Buying a mattress, bed, pillow or bedlinen is more than just a decision, it is an experience. And we can help you every step of the way. After all, we know better than anyone what you need for an optimal night's sleep. We are happy to advise you! Visit our store in Kortrijk where our Nachtwacht team is ready to answer all your questions!

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