Box spring or slatted base: which is better?

Your search for a new bed has begun, but you immediately come across the first important question: should I choose a box spring or a slatted base? Leave it to us. We will be happy to help you!

Is a boxspring better than a slatted base?

Many people automatically assume that a box spring is better than a slatted base. However, this is not the case if you opt for a high-quality slatted base. Both sleeping systems offer excellent comfort, and both a good slatted base combination and a high-quality box spring are ergonomically sound. Both provide good back support and pressure relief for the shoulders.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of a box spring and a slatted base? We have listed them for you below:

What is a box spring?

As the name suggests, a box spring literally means 'a box with springs'. It is an upholstered frame, which consists of a box spring frame with pocket springs.

At our shop we offer several high-quality box spring brands, so you have a wide range to choose from. We have box springs by Vispring, Hästens, Magnitude, Fylds', Schramm and Auping.

One of the strengths of De Nachtwacht is that we can provide an objective comparison between all these brands. So we don’t push you to buy our ‘own brand’, but together we will look for what really is the best solution for your needs.

Find out more about our different box springs here!

The advantages of a box spring?

1. Luxurious appearance

The most striking advantage of a box spring is the luxurious look it lends to your bedroom. It will therefore come as no surprise that box springs are often referred to as 'hotel beds'. Do you want to recreate that wonderful hotel feel at home? Then a box spring is the first and most important step. We will help you put together the box spring of your dreams: you choose the colour, fabric, headboard, legs, ... and we'll do the rest!

Tip: combine your box spring with a mattress topper and quality bedding for the ultimate hotel feel.

2. Sleep higher

On a box spring you always sleep higher than on a slatted base. That not only contributes to the luxurious look of your box spring, but it also makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed. Do you have back problems or are you getting older? Then this can of great help.

Tip: do you want to get in and out of bed even more easily? Then opt for an electrically adjustable box spring.

3. The generous box spring feel

The generous feel that a box spring offers can only be achieved when the box spring is combined with a pocket spring mattress (click here to discover why we always recommend a pocket spring mattress on a box spring!).

For many, this typical hotel bed feel is the ultimate in sleeping comfort.

4. Ventilation

Since a box spring base is always combined with a pocket spring mattress - which ventilates better than a latex or foam mattress - a box spring combination offers better ventilation.

The disadvantages of a box spring?

1. Box springs and house dust mite

A box spring does gather dust more easily, which can sometimes be a factor in ultimately opting for a slatted base. Especially if you suffer from allergies, you will want to take this into account.

With Auping's box springs, however, this problem is partly solved thanks to the open mesh base at the bottom of their box springs. In addition, you can always opt for (faux) leather upholstery in order to avoid fabric as much as possible.

Discover our other tips to keep your room allergen-free!

2. Solid, bombastic appearance 

Most box springs generally have a more 'bombastic' look than slatted bases. Some people feel this 'generous' look is an advantage, but when decorating a somewhat smaller bedroom, it is still important to take this into account.

We also have a lot of elegant and finer box springs in our range.

What is a slatted base?

Simply put, a slatted base is a base made up of a frame with slats. There are major quality and price differences between slatted bases. We only work with the Swiss top-brand Swissflex, which, in our opinion, produces the best slatted bases.

Find out more about the ingenious slatted bases by Swissflex here!

The advantages of a slatted base?

1. Easy maintenance

People with house dust mite allergies in particular find the easy maintenance of a slatted base a great advantage. This is often the deciding factor in choosing a slatted base.

2. Slightly cheaper than a box spring

A slatted base is generally slightly cheaper than a box spring. The price of course strongly depends on the type of slatted base or box spring you choose: electrically adjustable or flat base, with or without headboard, ...…

3. Easy to integrate

Do you still have an existing bed that you want to keep? Then you'd better choose a slatted base. The slatted base can easily be integrated into your existing bed frame. Of course we can help you with this.

The disadvantages of a slatted base?

1. Simple, understated look  

Unlike a box spring, a slatted base has a very simple appearance. However, you can also opt for an upholstered bed frame when choosing a Swissflex slatted base to recreate the box spring look.

Do you prefer your bed to blend into your bedroom? Are you keen on a minimalist bedroom interior? Or maybe your bedroom is on the smaller side? Then the simple appearance of a slatted base is just what you need, and more of an advantage than a disadvantage.

2. Sleep a little warmer

A slatted base has a more open structure than a box spring, but the mattress on top of the slatted base (latex or foam) is more closed. As a result, a latex or foam mattress will also feel warmer than a well-constructed pocket mattress on a box spring.

Still unsure whether to get a box spring or a slatted base? Or do you have another question about our sleep systems? Feel free to contact one of our experts at De Nachtwacht. We will be happy to help you!