How should I wash my duvet?

If you want to enjoy your duvet for years to come, you need to keep in mind a few key points, Correct maintenance has a major impact on the lifespan and insulating effect of your down duvet. Of course you should always use a duvet cover. This will protect your duvet against stains and will reduce the need to wash your duvet. But what if you suddenly do stain your duvet?

How do I care for my down duvet?

To avoid having to wash your duvet too often, keep in mind the following four tips:

1. Fluff up your duvet every day

Try to make some time every day (or at least every week) to fluff up your duvet. This will create air between the down, distribute it evenly in the duvet and ensure that your duvet remains nice and bouncy.

2. Regularly air the duvet outdoors 

The best thing you can do for your duvet is to regularly air it outside. This will release the perspiration that your duvet absorbs at night. Airing the duvet outside every four months is sufficient. Important note: only do this on a dry and sunny day but never hang your duvet in full sun! Very high temperatures can cause the down to lose its natural moisture and therefore its elastic and insulating properties, which, in turn, will make your duvet much less pleasant to sleep under.

3. Handle your duvet with care 

Always treat your duvet with the necessary care. Vacuuming the duvet is not a good idea, as you will damage the cover and you run the risk of creating holes. Using a carpet beater is not necessary at all. Also avoid putting heavy things on top of your duvet. So don't lie on top of it, but rather crawl right under it.

4. Turn your duvet over regularly 

If you put the same side of the duvet on the head end every time, after a while you will see a reduction in volume on that side compared to the side of the foot end. This is because you hold the duvet at night or let your arm rest on it. So make sure you turn the duvet over regularly.

When should I wash my down duvet?

We always advise our customers to wash their duvet maximum twice a year. So only wash your duvet when it is really necessary. If you stick as closely as possible to the tips above, washing your duvet twice a year should be more than enough. If you prefer a duvet that you can wash regularly, go for a high-quality synthetic duvet (these too are available from our shop).

Is there a stain on your duvet? Then it is not always necessary to wash your duvet immediately. You can also just wet the cover where the stain is, making sure that you first move aside the filling material as much as possible so that it remains nice and dry. Use warm or cold water and possibly a mild soap (depending on the type of stain). Afterwards, dry the cover well with a hairdryer, or place it on the heater. But be careful: never set the hair dryer or heater to the highest setting!

How should I wash my duvet?

When you wash your down duvet, it is very important that you follow the washing instructions. The duvets we sell in our shop are all washable. Depending on the instructions, you will be able to wash your duvet at 40 °C or 60 °C. Please note that some brands of duvets are not washable. Still in doubt? Contact us! We will be happy to help! 

A few key tips:

  • Don’t use any abrasive detergents
  • Don’t use any fabric softener
  • Don’t use any bleach
  • Never put your washing machine at a high speed
  • You can use wool detergent

Every 5 years we advise that you have your down duvet professionally cleaned and refilled. During professional cleaning your duvet will be checked, the cover will be opened and the down will be washed. Thanks to this washing treatment, the down is completely disinfected and germinated, and bad down particles are removed. The cover is also washed separately and refilled. If the cover is worn out, it will be replaced by a new one. If necessary, your duvet will be refilled with down of the correct quality. Does your duvet need professional cleaning? Then feel free to bring it to us! You will have to miss your duvet for about a week. So ideally, you should bring it in during the summer or just before you leave on a trip, for example.

How should I dry my duvet?

It is very important when you wash your duvet that you dry it well afterwards. Immediately put the duvet in the dryer with some tennis balls, which will ensure that your duvet is nicely fluffed up.

Do you have any more questions? Contact us! One of our experts will be happy to help!